Crossett House

1998 - 1999
Melbourne, Australia

This project involved the remodeling of a small inner suburban semi-detached house for a family with three young children. Bachelard says that the house holds childhood cradled in its arms. This design investigates the potency of childhood memory as a means of generating architectural space. Upon arrival at the house a visitor enters the architectural representation of an awakening child – the bedrooms (sleep) are encountered first. A secret room behind a false door symbolizes the excitement of discovering the possibilities which each day holds. The creasing and folding of the library equates to the semi conscious stretching and yawning of the child as it finally awakes with a burst of energy (the glass roof) so that, fuly conscious, it can organise itself (the Cartesian co-ordinates X,Y + Z represented by the timber column, beam + skylight) for a day of play (the small patch of lawn)