RMIT Industry Incubator

RMIT University, Bundoora Campus, Victoria, Australia

RMIT university conceived of the idea of linking industry with the university through a series of five ‘incubator’ buildings. The first of these was to be part of the Bio Technology department and we were asked to design a building which could be fitted and re-fitted a number of times as research and production laboratories. The incubator would be operated by a private enterprise which could then draw upon the resources of the university in a collaboration of the academy and business.

The building adapts the same tectonic quality as the student housing scheme designed on an adjoining part of the same campus. Circulation and administration spaces in this building are deliberately pushed to the perimeter as the laboratory component of the programme does not require natural light. This also means that re-configuring of the laboratories has no impact on the facade of the building, which is permanently activated by the procession of scientists and students.