Ormond Road Townhouses

1996 - 1999
Elwood, Victoria, Australia

This was our first built multiple residential project. Sadly in Australia most such projects are developer driven rather than motivated by improving the social condition through well considered design. Profit takes precedence over detail and speed is given priority over architectural philosophy. Fortunately in this example the developer (a talented Builder who with whom we had worked on a number of projects) understood the market potential of good design and construction quality and so the project proceeded along those lines.

The townhouses are sited around a common central garden. As well, each unit has a variety of private outdoor spaces.They each have home-offices and fewer bedrooms than they may have had fifteen years ago, acknowledging the trend in Australia for working couples with smaller families as well as the flexible workplace that modern technology affords us all. They bookend a row of inner suburban shops with first floor dwellings and mediate between those buildings and a strip of freestanding single storey villas. Timber screens play a duel role in this project, acting both as sun and privacy screens.